About Us

At Marula Safaris we believe in that personal touch. And the friendships that are created by hunting, the adventures we share….. We collect you from OR Tambo airport where you arrive for your safari. You will  be accompanied for the full duration of your safari, and  safely taken back to the airport at the end. Your safety and comfort are our highest priority.


Marula Safaris are able to offer our expertise and our commitment, to ensure each of our clients, depart from South Africa with memories of an unforgettable African experience in one of the world’s most remarkable areas.


Chris was born in 1965 in the Limpopo Province, grew up in a family where hunting and camping was part of living.

All he ever wanted to do, was to be outdoors, in nature. Attending a Technical high school, did his national service in the military and finished as an instructor. Went on to study agriculture, after 3 years successful education, he became a Professional Hunter Outfitter. In 1999 he bought his own ranch, where Marula Safari’s is still situated.

We have been conducting quality hunting safaris for many years. All our professional hunters have years of experience and a passion for nature, they are also excellent hosts.

Marula Safaris provide a quality service, you will have a great hunting experience at a competitive price. Please remember to compare apples with apples and always bear in mind, the cheapest option does not necessarily offer the the best value for money. Our people are all experienced and committed.

We believe in HUNTING, not just shooting.

Outfitters advice!

Practice!!!!! you have only one shot at the BIG one.!!!

Sight in your rifle, then shoot from sticks, shoot free hand and any other position you may encounter.

REMEMBER!!! Its where you shoot, not with what you shoot.

Listen to your Professional hunter.!!!!