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Average ifle hunting ranges between 50-150 yards, as the bush is very dense, which limits visibility. In areas that are more open (Free state) and visibility is better shots may vary between 100-250 yards. Very important here are that you are the person making the call on the shot. Your PH will not make you take an impossible shot. We do not expect of you to make miracle shots, only if you want to do it. If I (the PH) can make that shot, you can ! If you are not comfortable with the shot – then do not take it, your PH will put you on another one.

Our preferred method of rifle hunting is spot & stalk. We cover a lot of area by means of driving around and then after you spot something worth going after, you stalk it to where you can get a shot. In some areas we do ambush hunting too. In the mountains where visibility is better and in open fields.

We offer Dangerous Game Hunting for the Lion, Leopard,  Elephant, Buffalo, Hippo and Crocodile. The area in which the dangerous game hunt is conducted depends on the species. All of our professional hunters have many years experience in pursuing the dangerous game of Africa. Our success rate on all is very close to 100%.

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Bow hunting is done out of permanent bow hunting blinds/hides over waterholes and salt licks. This is by far the most successful and accepted way of bow hunting in SA. For the more adventurous bow hunter you are welcome to try a spot & stalk hunt, but be warned that success rates on this kind of bow hunting is fairly low – but extremely gratifying when pulled of successfully! Patience and persistence is of course the key to success here.

We conduct bird hunting mainly in the highlands where you can make on pigeons a minimum of 500 shots a day. We hunt pigeons in sunflower fields during the harvest time which is from beginning of March up to end of May.

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We also do waterbirds on ponds and lakes with decoys early in the morning and late afternoons as the birds go out and come in.


We hunt also franklin and grouse with dogs. A full hunting day mean you leave early in the morning and get back after sunset . During the day you will be spoiled with a nice brunch during the shoot. A bird hunting day can be more straining than trophy hunting, its always good to get back to comfortable accommodation, a good meal and a hot shower.

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