This is only a Guide !

Tipping in the hunting industry is customary, but it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. It may also be confusing because there are a variety of staff that work hard to make your safari a positive experience. You should not feel pressured to leave a specific amount, a tip should reflect the level and quality of service that you have received during your safari.

Tipping is expected because Professional Hunters(P.H.), trackers and camp staff derive much of their income from the tips they receive. This creates the incentive for them to perform at their highest level for each and every client. Hunting is a service industry. Unlike other industries, it is customary to tip your P.H., even if he is the owner. On YOUR safari, he is working hard for you.

Most people give their tip at the end of the hunt directly to the staff who receive it. A tip should be given in cash – it can be in US $ or Rand. It is always very generous for hunters to bring “extras” (such as clothes, knives, sunglasses, candy), however these items should not be considered a tip. These small gestures, given before or shared throughout the hunt are very well received and just a nice thing to do.

Here are some suggested amounts, based on:

– Satisfaction with hunting safari – Success of hunting safari – Country where hunt takes place – Price of hunt and number of animals taken – Number of days of hunt – Type of hunting safari (plains game, dangerous game or combination of both) – Number of hunters & observers.

Professional Hunter = $50 – $200 per day (or you may want to consider 5- 8% of

your total safari bill as a reasonable tip)

Guide for observers = $20 – $50/day

Main Tracker, skinner & Driver = $100 – $200 for safari

Skinners = $20 – $40 each for safari

Maid = $20 -$40 for safari

Cook = $50 – $200 for safari

In rare instances, there may be other camp staff that have gone above and beyond to make your stay enjoyable.

You can always ask your P.H. for guidance, but the decision of how much to tip is yours. And remember, at anytime during the hunt, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied about something, talk to your P.H. or Outfitter. Don’t wait until your trip is over to tell them something was wrong.

Remember – That any suggestion is merely a point of reference and not what you should tip, ultimately the decision is yours.

You get out of the trip what you put into it. It’s not always about money, just being nice goes a long way too.